At my first race I showed up for an 8 mile race, and ended up doing 25 (27.5) miles instead. I loved it though. Everyone was very encouraging and asked me about our group which was awesome because I know people follow our group! I enjoy being in the woods on single track. It’s very stress-relieving being on your bike, it feels like I just pushed all my worries away and just move my legs and kept going. Even though I got last place, (haha!) I still loved being out there with people that are so nice and encourage you the whole way!

The Fat Chance race at Crystal Mountain was my first fat bike race. While I was a training for the race I was worried it was going to be super hard and all the people were going to be super competitive. I was excited and nervous all at the same time but as we pulled up to the start line and I saw all the smiling faces I wasn’t worried or nervous any more. Throughout the race it was fun to see everybody cheer each other on, as people passed one another, we all cheered and encouraged each other on. Getting together with not just adults who love to fat bike but also other kids makes me so excited to represent Cadillac and our new SingleTrack Sisters team. I will definitely be doing this race again next year.

My first race was nerve wracking. I kept thinking, I’m not going to be good enough. I’m probably going to get last place. But the cool thing is I didn’t! The part that made me most nervous is the single track. It was extremely challenging going up hills and going down them. Going through really sharp corners with both sides surrounded by trees. But I’m proud of how I did and it actually wasn’t that bad. And everyone was cheering you on as you crossed the finish line made me really happy.


The race was a great experience. My main goal was to complete it the best of my ability. Completing the course really made me both aware and thankful for all the help I’ve gotten to improve. SingleTrack Sisters really made the Bear Claw Epic so fun. I felt super supported.

The Fat Chance race was my first race in a couple of years and I was very nervous to do it. However, once I got there my nerves were gone because of everyone there. All the other racers were very nice and welcoming and during the race were very encouraging. They kept telling me “good job”, and “you got this!” I never felt discouraged during the race. Everyone was so encouraging and actually racing was fun. It was challenging but it helped me to push myself to do the best that I can.

My first race was on January 20th, about 4 months after I joined the team. Even though it was very cold, I had fun. I haven’t been to many practices in the past month because of pit so I didn’t do the best that I could have, but ready to work hard so my next race will be better. At the start of the race I went too fast and couldn’t keep up. I did find my pace eventually but I will remember to change that next time. There were times when I wanted to stop but I pushed through to finish.

My first race was part of a very eventful day that I don’t think I’ll ever forget, because it was a great day. I wasn’t nervous at all because the race was just 8 miles. But when we got there we found out that the race actually started at 1:30, it was 8:30am… So Kamie looked at Julianna and I and (I think in a joking manner) said “How would you guys feel doing the 25 mile?” and without hesitation Julianna and I said “Yeah, sure! Let’s do it!” At that point it just felt like I was going for another ride. It was the perfect day, it was an overcast sky (my favorite because it means rain soon) and because I was around a whole bunch of other cyclists who were about to race the same course as I was, and I was PUMPED. I wasn’t nervous before, during, or after the race at all. I felt like I should’ve been but I wasn’t. My favorite parts about the race were the extremely nice racers that I got to bike with, being in the woods with others always encouraging when near, and the big hill at the end of the race that I got to go down. There were four people who really kept me going through the race and they were Julianna, Kamie, Nicole and Erik. Every time I thought I might be getting tired, they were there at the road crossing, checking to make sure we were ok and made us smile every time we saw them. I can’t thank them enough for their support. My race took me almost 4 hours BUT that’s ok because we did it! I placed 3rdin my category of four people, which makes Julianna and I amazing for spontaneously switching to the 25 mile race and finishing! I’m happy that my first race went the unexpected way it went because it gave me confidence in myself and I found out I could bike for longer and further than I thought I could.