Abby, Karsyn, Emilia, Jordan, Coach Kamie Wade, Julianna, Madison, Hanisi

Abby, Karsyn, Emilia, Jordan, Coach Kamie Wade, Julianna, Madison, Hanisi

Single Track Sisters Fat Bike Team

SingleTrack Sisters was created on a dream I (Coach Kamie Wade) have had for several years, but my family, business and my personal training regimen for endurance events took much of my time and energy so I have kept it on the back burner. Now that my sons are all grown and I have decreased my client load I have more time and energy to devote to my dream of a girl’s bike team.

I began fat biking 3 years ago. I had been a triathlete for 20 years and a devoted road cyclist. At the age 51 felt I needed a change, and the change I decided to try is trail biking. I would like to say it was love at first ride, it definitely was not. I was terrified! I was used to blazing down smooth pavement on skinny 25’s at 35+ mph, but rolling through the woods among trees, roots and rocks on a mountain bike had me in a white-knuckle grip at moments. Determined to not give it up entirely, I tried a fat bike. Now THAT was love at first ride. I loved the extra stability and really loved the ability it has to ride over and through just about anything nature throws in my way, and I can continue riding all winter! 

I began racing on my fat bike the first winter I started riding and was instantly hooked. I have raced my fat bike all seasons for 3 years. This is what I found:

  1. The sport of trail biking is a male dominated sport

  2. Women are still given handicaps at races and age divisions aren’t as separated as men. RD’s say it’s because attendance is low in the female divisions.

  3. As an avid cyclists and advocate for women in sport my primary goals are:

Grow the participation of females in trail biking events and the sport period. Doing so by focusing on reaching young girls ages 14-18 that want to branch out and learn a sport that isn’t offered in school, giving them a healthy outlet to focus on.  So many aspects of trail biking are life skills that I hope to mentor these girls with:

  1. When you are riding through the woods surrounded by trees you need to focus. Focus on what’s in front of you not what’s behind you or beside you, keep your focus on the trail not the trees.

  2. When you are biking through sand you need to keep pushing those pedals to get through

  3. When there’s a log in the path or roots to maneuver you need to make split decisions how to safely get over them.

  4. You and only you are in control of the bike. You and only you have to learn how to handle the bike and situations that you will encounter out on the trails.

  5. You need to encourage and lift up your fellow teammates that are out there with you experiencing the same situations you are.

  6. We all walk up hills sometimes. But we get up them and ride on.

  7. Your body was designed for movement and should be respected for it’s strength and abilities not for it’s appearance.

Along with biking, team members will be required to participate in other facets of the Team, such as: 

  • Assisting in the grant writing procedure

  • Community volunteer hours

  • Creating, marketing and hosting fundraising events

  • Mentoring younger girls in the sport of trail biking

STS is in the process of becoming a non-profit and will be reaching out into the community to grow the Team once we have monies to purchase fat bikes & gear. Currently the Team owns 2 Fat Bikes that were bought and donated by 2 individuals and I throw my extra fat bike in for one of them to use and one of the girls uses her dad’s fat bike.  My hope is to reach girls that haven’t ridden much and open the world of fat biking up to them. I would say I want to focus on “high risk” girls, but ALL girls are at high risk in our society.