2018 was a big year for SingleTrack Sisters Fat Bike Team. In our first year we grew from 2 to 10, we rode on dirt, mud and snow (sometimes all in the same day) we grew stronger, we grew closer and we gave back to our community. Check out our 2018 highlights below:




Our goal to build a strong foundation of sisterhood through the sport of fat biking began with two sisters, Karsyn and Jordan, in early 2018. Through recruitment events and word of mouth, 8 girls joined the team last year, Abby, Alina, Emilia, Hanisi, Issy, Julianna, Madison and Rebecca. 


  • Women's Giving Circle Grant

  • Rotary Grant

  • Cadillac Festival of Races Donation

  • YAK Grant

  • Sponsorship of Team Jerseys by Wolverine Power 

  • Several Local Businesses and Individuals, Who Donated to Help STS Get Started


• Cadillac Festival of Races Clinics and Race Day 

• Trail Work at Cadillac Pathway

• Bed Making Workshop for Foster Children

• North Country Trail Marathon Volunteering

• Yard Raking

• Project Christmas

• Trail Clearing, Tainting, Marking for Bear Claw Epic Race Course and Winter Sports Trail


• T-shirt Campaign

• Garage Sale

• Jingle Bell Ride


• Ride of Silence

• Firecracker Bike Tour

• Trivia in the Park Recruitment 

• Chili Ride in the Park

• Fall Color Tour at Olga Lake

• Night Ride and Campfire at HQ

• Spooky Trail Ride at HQ

• Trivia Game at HQ

• Road Trip to Haunted Corn Maze

• Road Trip to VASA 

• Road Trip to Glacial Hills

• Road Trip to Peak2Peak Race Course Training

• Road trip to Lake Michigan Beach Day

• TV Interview


• Fat Chance Winter Race

• Divide Gravel Road

• Traverse City Trail Festival Race

• Bear Claw Epic 

• Peak2Peak

Thank you to everyone that helped make 2018 so great for the SingleTrack Sisters Fat Bike Team. With your help and support we were able to encourage and empower 10 girls to say on track with focus, fitness and strength. In 2019 we plan to grow the team and your continued support is not only appreciated it is much needed to continue our mission to get more girls on bikes!